EWA | Empowering Women in Agrifood aims to provide women entrepreneurs across RIS targeted countries with the required knowledge, confidence, support and networking opportunities to meet and exceed their aspirations, leading them to successfully start and develop sustainable businesses. The programme assists women to grow and develop their businesses with a tailored, focused approach that specifically considers the concrete challenges which female entrepreneurs face generally as well as the barriers, which can limit entrepreneurial activity.

In 2023, EWA is being implemented in Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine. All dedicated activities are carried out in local languages, which is why EIT Food invited to this unique initiative 11 organizations to carry out activities to build entrepreneurial capacities for women in the local agrifood markets.

Tartu Biotechnology Park

Tartu Biotechnology Park (TBP) provides physical infrastructure, business development and consultancy services to public and private sector and R&D institutions. It supports companies in finding cooperation partners and is active in the establishment process of new companies. The aim of TBP is to create a favorable and supportive environment for the promotion of biotechnological entrepreneurship in Estonia. Starting from September 2005 TBP runs the BioMed incubator for biotechnology (including foodtech).

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Startup Hub Poland

Startup Hub Poland (SHP) as a non-for-profit startup support NGO has 11 years of experience in the area of identifying, developing and linking valuable high-tech projects from CEE with angels, investors and corporations. SHP supports founders from Poland, that are heavily under-recognized by international stakeholders in developing their ideas, building up the team and it’s business competences, and protecting IP. SHP also facilitates startups’ access to the fast-growing financial market, modern laboratories, vivid start-up community and professional network in European and global markets.

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Impact Hub Bucharest

Impact Hub’s mission is to develop new working environments for entrepreneurs, freelancers, smaller or larger companies, opportunities for entrepreneurial development as well as new partnerships between public actors, private and non-governmental from various industries. Its aim revolves around building a better business, designing impactful solutions, and reimagining the future through inspiring spaces, meaningful content, and connecting vibrant communities in Romania. Through a diverse network Impact Hub Bucharest facilitates ongoing, everyday interactions, and supports the community every step of the way.

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Startit is a Belgrade-based, grass-root non-profit association established in 2010, with the mission to provide meaningful, deep support to Serbian youth and entrepreneurs, improving life and work with technology. SEE ICT is developing the startup ecosystem in Serbia to foster higher employment and economic growth. With a team of experienced staff, a network of more than 100 mentors, and 1000+ events and projects that reached more than 100,000 people from Serbia, SEE ICT has established itself as a preeminent hub for youth entrepreneurship, education, social activism, and networking.

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Centre of Business Excellence

Centre of Business Excellence (CBE) is a bridge between the business world and the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (SEB LU). Its purpose is to allow a two-way flow of internationally competitive and high-quality knowledge through workshops, consulting projects and various events. SEB LU is the leading institution of higher education in business and economics in Slovenia. The SEB LU has become the first and only School in Slovenia and the broader region to have been awarded the EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA international accreditations. This ranks the SEB LU among the top 1% of business and economic schools in the world.

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Institute of partnership and sustainable development

Institute of partnership and sustainable development IPSD’s interventions focus on developing women’s entrepreneurship, startup ecosystems, strengthening inclusive democracy in Ukraine, private sector participation in decision-making processes, and improving regional business climates. The NGO has been working for over 6 years on the close relationship between entrepreneurship and local development, and it has played a pioneering role in the issue of women’s entrepreneurship, and integration of a gender perspective into economic growth. IPSD is developing the first complex innovative ecosystem on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship, including women’s empowerment, entrepreneurial education, networking, mentoring, and raising awareness of the need to create the appropriate framework conditions, both at national and local levels.

Learn more about IPSD on their web page. challenges the stereotypes and the established perceptions of women´s roles. Empowering women and environmental sustainability are at the heart of their priorities. They strive for a sustainable world, where gender equality and the human rights of girls and women are guaranteed and implemented and they promote women as leaders and agents of change by supporting female inclusive initiatives that address the Global Sustainable Development Goals.


A meeting point between the university of Porto and businesses, where companies benefit from business development, giving support to connect them with global growth networks.

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Portuguese Women In Tech

Portuguese Women In Tech was launched in April 2016, by Liliana Castro and Inês Santos Silva, with a dual mission: support women in technology by providing visibility, networking, mentorship and by creating trainings and other opportunities.

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Future Food Institute

Future Food Institute exists to make exponential positive change, to sustainably improve life on Earth, through education and innovation in the global food systems. By training the next generation of change-makers, empowering communities, and engaging government and industry in actionable innovation, Future Food catalyzes progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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DOCK3 - The Startup Lab

DOCK3 – The Startup Lab is the laboratory where to find the best cofounders, learn how to start a startup with the help of those who have already done it, raise the first funds and pitch an idea to dozens of investors. It gathers every year the most motivated 100 talents from 50+ universities and connects them with accelerators, venture capitals and companies throughout Europe.

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Naked Innovations

Naked Innovations drives Food System Transformation by empowering diverse talent, scaling ventures and building ecosystems to enable impactful results and systemic change that aligns planet & people. Launched in 2017, they work with diverse groups of stakeholders throughout the food system including corporates, government organisations, non-profits, research institutes and startups.

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Impact Hub Istambul

Impact Hub Istambul offers a membership based co-working space to empower impact driven, creative people. Our community consists of people from a wide variety of disciplines like entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, software developers, designers, artists, creatives, and freelancers.

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