Maciej Sadowski

Maciej Sadowski – Co-founder of the Startup Hub Poland Foundation (CEO 2012-2022), which advocates innovative Central Eastern European high-tech talents in starting up a global/inter-local venture in Poland. An activist of the high-tech startup industry supporting pioneers of innovation in finding investment and scaling up their solutions and the RoI potencial. IP transfer specialist and RnD commercialisation expert. In SHP Maciej searches for best early-stagers from all hard-tech and IP-based sectors from 18 countries of the CEE region. For best teams his Non-Profit prepares a soft landing program, non-equ grants to €50k and exclusive VC/industry bootcamps.

In 2013 a due diligence analyst in Giza Polish Ventures, Polish-Israeli VC fund, later investment director in StartVenture@Poland seed fund and an investment manager and managing partner StarFinder VC. Maciej worked on ~60 investment processes, invested in 29 hard tech startups. 24 out of it have raised the next round of financing, from which 10 attracted to Poland additional foraign investment capital. 3 companies IPOed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, 3 received a profitable exits.

Maciek was an expert in entities like the National Center for Research and Development, Polish Chamber of Commerce (member of the Committee on New Technologies and Innovations since 2015, Chairman of this Committee since 2018), the National Development Council to the President of Poland (Science and Innovation team, 2015-2020). In 2015 listed by Google and the Financial Times among NewEurope100 international high-tech leaders. In 2019 among top 30 Polish startup community philars. Alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program by the US Department of State (innovation/technology transfer, Washington DC 2018).