Martina Riolino

Martina Riolino, boasting 14 years of experience in vegan catering, serves as the manager and chef of Origami restaurant in La Spezia. Additionally, she holds the position of CEO at the fast-food concept Zoé Food Evolution and is the founder of Amami restaurant in Bali, Indonesia. Martina pursued her studies in vegan cuisine under the guidance of world-renowned chefs in both Milan and Los Angeles.

Holding a degree in Communication Sciences and an MBA in Food and Wine from the Bologna Business School, she also serves as a pollical leader for the Youth group of FIPE Confcommercio. In recognition of her civil commitment, Martina was honored with the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana in 2023. Her philosophy, emphasizing coherence between personal values and professional decisions, manifests in projects dedicated to environmental, cultural, and social sustainability, aiming to engage people through the flavors and kindness of vegan cuisine.