EWA | Empowering Women in Agrifood supports female entrepreneurs at a very early stage of business development in agrifood sector. The programme can be joined by both women with an innovative idea that they would like to develop, as well as entrepreneurs with a recently registered business. In 2023 EWA is supporting 45 young female-led startups from the Northern-Eastern and South Europe.

Explore inspiring stories and innovative solutions driven by visionary female leaders who are reshaping the agrifood sector. Learn more about those great ideas below.

Track4Value (Greece)

Track4Value is an innovative idea, intertwined with the Agri-Food sector, based on an integrated traceability system that assures authenticity throughout the food production line. It is directly linked to the European “Farm-to-Fork” policy, with critical control points being established for each product to ensure its uniqueness. Authenticity is verified by advanced laboratory analyses, with all the information regarding product’s traceability being accessible to consumers via a unique digital marking for nutritional value (NUTRI-4Value), food safety (SAFE-4Value) and environmentally friendly approaches (GREEN-4Value).

Grizo & Prasino (Greece)

Grizo & Prasino was established for the purpose of re-introducing herbs to the Greek Market. It is a vertically integrated company that cultivates organically, processes and trades high-quality whole-leaf dried herbs in small branded packages. Also, it produces bottled herbal iced tea and botanical syrups for sodas and cocktails. We are now on a mission to spread abroad our enthusiasm for real-brewed iced herbal tea and a new way of enjoying all the herbal goodness.

STALIÀ (Greece)

STALIÁ is a Greek extra virgin olive oil, produced at Gargalianoi in Messenia, Peloponnese. It is a small family business following an age-old tradition and aiming at combining it with technology and innovative design. The olives are hand-picked the traditional way. They are cold-pressed immediately – within 12 hours of the harvest – in a perfectly controlled process, using modern ethods and conditions. That way we have a fully certified product of the highest quality. This exquisite olive oil is bottled and offered to you, wrapped up in a beautiful package. STALIÁ’s team pay attention to every detail, personally designing every aspect of a beautiful product. STALIÁ is yours to enjoy and share with your dear friends and partners.

Grande Fructus (Greece)

Starting in 2019 with a vision of producing healthy fruits and products with as little processing as possible, we invested in the cultivation of trees and the construction of a modern processing plant, with the aim of an organic and certified plant for the production of pomegranate and citrus fruits, fresh juices, sauces. We cultivate our trees with sustainable and organic methods. All steps of soil preparation, tree care, harvesting, processing and standardization are controlled and done under our personal supervision. This way we are absolutely sure that we offer products of high nutritional value and excellent quality.

Common Place - Your urban Jungle (Italy)

They offer sustainable products and environmentally friendly solutions for the home and office, promoting an ecological lifestyle and reducing waste. They design self-watering clay 3d printed products to reduce water waste, they design durable green furniture. They educate the community on eco-friendly practices and resources.

Oilvair (Italy)

With a focus on olives harvesting, Olivair specializes in the design of cutting-edge drones. By automating the harvesting process, the minimize plant and environmental impact while maximizing productivity. What sets them apart is their revolutionary propeller system that delicately shakes brances from above through wind-like motion. Olive farms and contract harvesters across the Mediterranean region are their intended beneficiaries, as they embrace the future of sustainable agriculture.

Green Kitchen (Italy)

 The aim is to sell online nutritional plans and wellness paths. The sale of plant-based dishes will be done with the cooperation of our nutritionists and chef consultant on the online platform. It will also be possible to rent professional kitchen spaces. We want to promote wellness of body, mind and soul.

Fabna (Italy)

Fabna’s vision stems from the desire to enhance the skills and values implemented in our beekeeping company. This will be achieved through the organization of projects & workshops which are created on the basis of the know-how of an external expert. The main aim is the creation of a strong community.

Zoé Food Evolution (Italy)

Zoé food evolution is a culinary revolution in the realm of fast-casual dining. As the pioneering stablished exclusively devoted 100% plant-based. Handcrafted pasta, Zoé embodies a vision of more enlightened society. Ethical and environmental values guide every step, from sourcing sustainable raw materials to fostering workplace inclusivity. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a fiery passion for innovation, Zoé Food Evolution is rewriting the narrative of modern dining.

Tapta (Italy)

Its aim is to create new and professionalizing managers where it operates to implement the cultural and experiential tourism in different territories. The main focus are: women’s empowerment, experiential tourism guides, greater attractiveness for families and enhancement of territories with a combination of art, music, food and wine.

Agrenatus (Portugal)

To address the great challenge of the lack of connection between agro-food waste producers and the key-players able to transform them into innovative, high added value and sustainable products, Agrenatus aims to prevent agro-food waste or by-products to end up in landfills: establishing a bridge, offering the possibility of commercializing the agro-food residues and by-products.

Yogoody (Portugal)

Yogoody is a new and innovative brand offering delicious and functional products, packed with live yogurt cultures, protein, and fibre to support the Gut Health. Twist to the traditional yogurt but engineered to have same bacteria as a normal yogurt. No need for refrigeration and convenient, on-the-go products (D2C approach) Long shelf life – advantage for supermarkets entry (B2B approach).

Real Vines (Portugal)

Real Vines Experience, located near Coimbra, Portugal, is a family-driven legacy spanning four generations. They specialize in crafting unique wines, with a particular focus on the Baga grape, in the limestone-rich terroir of Serra de Sicó. Their commitment to preserving tradition, sustainable winemaking, and the region´s natural beauty shines through in every bottle. 

Huma Collective Health (Portugal)

Aims to transform the lives of 100,000 people in socially vulnerable situations, enabling them to achieve full and lasting health through a comprehensive program of health coaching, food and culinary education. The goal is to change the reality of food poverty, helping people to make healthy choices within their financial limitations and acquire culinary skills to prepare nutritious and delicious meals.

Flavorit (Portugal)

Digital platform for pre-ordering meals to optimize preparation at restaurants and avoid food waste. Flavorite will also perform intelligent suggestions for menu creations at restaurants based on the restaurant’s stocks available. 

Germirrad (Portugal)

Developing a simple autonomous robot for continuous hybrid disinfection. The static equipment of lower cost is able to disinfect for example footwear in clean rooms, but it is mostly tailored to agriculture and livestock – as it will decrease the need to use antibiotics while assuring a low death rate of animals.

Vegifyl (Portugal)

Vegifyl is developing healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks for conscious and active individuals who seek nutritious and healthy food, have a balanced lifestyle and care about the environment. The natural ingredients make them rich in protein, fiber, and minerals, suitable for vegans. Vegifyl is also aware of environmental issues and for that reason their products have a biodegradable packaging to assure a lower climate impact while guaranteeing a tasty snack.

360WatAir (Portugal)

With the aim to optimize water resources and energy resources at the same time, the proposed solution will collect water from the air (humidity, evaporation and plant transpiration) without associated energy costs by absorbing moisture at night, and collecting pure water during the day.

Portugal Bugs (Portugal)

Portugal Bugs is on a mission to introduce innovative food alternatives centered around insects. Recognizing the sustainability and nutritional benefits of insects as an animal protein alternative, they align with consumers’ dialy dietary choices. Their target audience includes health-conscious individuals who are open to embracing these eco-friendly alternatives.

LE VERD TRE (Portugal)

Creating an indoor hydroponics system that is practical to grow your own food from the comfort of your home but also aesthetically pleasing, including a online market offering all the necessary goods related to the system ; seeds, nutrient solution and spare parts.

CA Climent (Spain)

Artisan producers and roasters of traditional Valencian peanut varieties (Collaret and Cacaua). The Climent family uses their own seeds that have been passed down for over 100 years. They believe in agriculture that maintains tradition and cultivates innovation, one that is redesigned to be more sustainable.

Protiberia (Spain)

A biotech company that researches and develops innovative and sustainable technology and production processes for obtaining protein from the Tenebrio Molitor insect, based on the circular economy, for human and animal nutrition. They also study the application of these byproducts in the agricultural sector and have their own Smart Insect Farm located in Villamalea, a small town in Albacete.

Madari (Spain)

100% natural fresh fruit juice brand made without any type of added sugar or additives. These high-quality, competitively priced natural juices are pasteurised allowing for an expiration of 8 months. Juices retain their flavour without the need for dyes, preservatives, or additives. The work of Madari juices is based on their values of authenticity, freshness, and accessibility.

AbonoKm0 (Spain)

A circular, regenerative, and sustainable project that converts organic waste into high-quality compost through vermicomposting. They offer a monthly subscription service and provide management of organics for festivals and events as well as conducting workshops on vermicomposting and circular economy.


Natural, nutritious and delicious food products are enriched with functional ingredients and tailored to each phase of motherhood. From preconception to postpartum, our ready-to-eat products ensure that women receive the nutrients, care and support they need and deserve.

Lākō (Spain)

Superfoods based innovation to tackle negative trends in nutrition. Building upon the issue of excessive sugar consumption, they aim to revolutionise the concept of sweeteners, creating a sweetener based on dates that is soluble and retains the ‘superfood’ benefits of the fruit.

La Albarda (Spain)

The mission of La Albarda is to maintain a way of life by utilising the resources of the land and countryside in a sustainable manner, in order to offer environmentally-friendly, high-quality products that respect the environment, animals, and people, thus bridging the gap between the rural world and society.

Gundo (Spain)

A technological solution that provides personalised nutritional recommendations to users while they shop for groceries online, based on their goals and/or medical conditions. The solution integrates with supermarkets through APIs, allowing users to make healthier purchases by having all the necessary information before completing their shopping.

Setas Corbe (Spain)

The sustainable cultivation of mushrooms using a typical local construction where humidity and temperature are ideal for this cultivation. 

Proplantae (Spain)

Phytopathological diagnostic services associated with fungal species and prescription of treatments for diagnosed pathogens using sustainable products, avoiding the use of pesticides, and promoting the development of new products from microorganisms, plant extracts, or waste valorization.

Saledo (Turkyie)

Saledo produces innovative foods, especially green bananas, with the philosophy of upcycling, inspired by healthy, delicious and natural.

Gojenie (Turkyie)

Crafting lollipops and jelly beans, Gojenie brings forth delightful treats that are departure from the norm. These confections are made from beneficial ingredients, all while avoiding the use of glucose syrup, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Gojenie´s innovation in the world of sweets offers a healthier and more wholesome option for indulgence.  

Palgae (Turkyie)

Palgae produces algae-based bioplastic raw materials with carbon capture technology and brings industrial waste into the circular economy.

Enature (Turkyie)

Enature produces 100% natural recyclable milk fabric from waste milk.

Cyberlabor (Turkyie)

It provides a digital network platform service that will provide specialization by encouraging the employment of local workforce in the agricultural sector.

NFS Global (Turkyie)

Specializing in crafting fermented yoghurt abd probiotic beverages, NFS Global´s creations are born from domestic plant sources. With a commitment to harnessing the power of nature, they bring forth nourishing products that promote well-being through natural fermentation.

Windustry (Turkyie)

It offers solutions that prevent unconscious agricultural practices with mobile application and drone support.

Microhobist (Turkyie)

It is a plant growth regulator developed from the products produced by microorganisms beneficial to the plant or postbiotic plant growth regulator produced from the microorganisms beneficial to the plant.

Unison (Romania)

Unison is a local maker of granola, nut spreads, raw bars and other goodies. For any moment of the day, we want Unison products to help you maintain your healthy habits. We believe in a clean, sustainable and plant-based future. We are convinced that good, productive days start with tasty and nutritious meals. Everything we produce in our workshop has only natural ingredients, no added sugar and no preservatives.


E-labels (Romania)

E-labels is a digital platform for agrifood, including wine and spirit drinks companies, based in the EU / non UE countries, in providing EU consumers with relevant, accurate and detailed information about their products. The customers access the digital platform by scanning the QR code printed on the label of the product. The platform is founded by a specialized IT company, in close with agrifood, wine and spirit experts, combine cutting-edge expertise in the IT and digital field with an in-depth knowledge of the European and national legal framework applicable to all agrifood products. Our digital solution is an easy way to develop your company digital information strategy.


LCHF ANJA d.o.o. (Slovenia)

Introducing a different way of eating to the broader public, based on the principles of LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), which is also suitable for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, diabetes (type 2 diabetes supported by medical research), vegan, or anyone who wants to enjoy guilt-free indulgence. The concept promotes the use of high-quality ingredients and emphasizes the creation of products that are both healthy and delicious. By offering alternatives to traditional high-carb and gluten-heavy products, the idea contributes to a more diverse and inclusive agrifood industry.


SERio (Poland)

SERio is a startup founded in 2022 in Poland by a dynamic young couple. During their travels, they stumbled upon lupine, a legume with a cheese-like taste and high protein content. Inspired by this discovery, Serio is dedicated to producing plant-based cheeses enriched with protein, utilizing lupine and other plant protein sources. Their mission is to contribute to the well-being of both individuals and the planet by crafting innovative plant-based dairy alternatives.

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Foodinspect OÜ (Estonia)

My business is dedicated to creating growth opportunities for the often overlooked entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector, helping them maximise their revenue streams through expanded trade networks and alternative market routes. While nurturing business growth and promoting sustainability, my ultimate goal is to empower small enterprises by educating them about the transformative potential of the right certification, food safety systems, processes, and procedures, all integrated within the framework of ESG principles. By embracing an integrated system that encompasses ESG principles, we can not only elevate food safety standards but also cultivate a sustainable and socially responsible approach to the agricultural industry. With over 12 years of experience in the U.K., European, and Worldwide Food Industry, my passion lies in sharing my extensive industry knowledge to deliver tangible and meaningful results. Together we can bridge the gap between small enterprises and a far-reaching target market, creating a positive impact on both business and the world we live in.


FUNKI (Estonia)

Funki is a food technology start-up aiming to provide tasty, healthy, and environmentally friendly high-protein food products from mycoprotein to diversify people’s everyday food choices and nudge their consumption habits towards more sustainable paths. FUNKI products are vegan but are made to provide a new taste experience and not imitate meat.


Kosk Natural (Estonia)

We present a range of alcohol-free, natural botanical bitters under the esteemed Kosk brand. We firmly advocate for the natural approach. Our offerings are devoid of additives, making them an ideal foundation for cocktails, even meeting the standards of the most discerning connoisseurs. Opting for non-alcoholic bitters not only enhances your mixology experience but also contributes to regenerative agriculture, conserves water, and mitigates deforestation. Find your freedom!


Raw Edge (Estonia)

Raw Edge is a food and biotech company utilizing fermentation technology to transform locally sourced raw materials into low-calorie, incredibly tasty products without added sugar or artificial additives. Fermentation yields vitamins, antioxidants, and bacteria that support the diversity of the gut microbiome. Raw Edge’s first product is already on the market—a scientifically developed probiotic beverage. With its low calorie content and genuine refreshment and great taste, coupled with support for gut microbiome health, it has become a true passion for health-conscious consumers. Raw Edge envisions itself as a movement dedicated to reshaping the food system and encouraging people to opt for healthier, less sugary, and minimally processed food choices. Raw Edge is committed to a thoughtful food system, minimizing waste from the start. It contributes to more resilient food system and promoting human health. The three-party franchise model for expanding into international markets enables the use of local raw materials, ensuring transparency and sustainability of the supply chain. Healthy, tasty and good for the planet is not a hype; this is the future. So join the Raw Edge movement for healthier people.


Supernacs (Estonia)

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are known for their numerous health benefits and are often associated with promoting overall well-being. A unique category of superfood, ” Supernacs,” serves as raw finger food. It is a snack with balanced protein, fats, and carbohydrates (based on Nordic nutrition guidelines of 2023), free from added sugars, and made from sprouts, seeds, and vegetables, representing a nutritional powerhouse that can significantly contribute to overall health and well-being. With its convenient and delicious form, Supernacs offer an excellent option for those seeking a healthy and satisfying snack between meals or in addition to their daily meals. They are particularly beneficial for people with busy lifestyles, as well as kids and teens, helping to reduce energy spikes and crashes often associated with sugary snacks.

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Vassa Hebin (WNWN OÜ) (Estonia)

Performance Skincare Meets Purpose. We convert reclaimed plant byproducts from regional agri-food producers into cosmetic oils and extracts using methods like distillation, traditional oil pressing, fermentation and green chemistry. Working toward the environmental goals set out in the European Green Deal, our purpose is to work together with the farmers and food manufacturers to reduce agri-food waste at the harvesting and processing stages by converting it into high-grade secondary raw materials for the cosmetic industry.

BoneR kostna juha (Slovenia)

High-quality bone broth by utilizing organic beef bones that would otherwise be discarded (lowering food waste), extracting all the important and beneficial nutrients for our body. By utilizing locally sourced, organic beef bones, the entrepreneur supports local and high-quality animal rearing practices, reducing the need for imports and decreasing the environmental impact of meat production. Overall, this idea positively influences the agrifood industry by promoting the utilization of often overlooked resources, reducing food waste, and supporting sustainable farming practices.


NANU - zero waste & upcycled aktivna kozmetika (Slovenia)

Nanu focuses on reducing waste by incorporating zero waste ingredients into her products, such as seed oils, cellulose, algae, and wood extracts. The idea promotes the principles of circular economy and environmental sustainability. By incorporating waste materials into natural cosmetic products, it not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers consumers more sustainable choices.


HELP Nutrition (Slovenia)

HELP Nutrition are convenient healthy functional snacks in pouches paired with a balanced nutrition coaching smartwatch app. They help users build healthier nutrition habits and regular energy intake for optimal energy throughout the day.


KOTO (Estonia)

We are developing a solution to decrease high childhood obesity rates in Estonia. Since there is a lack of knowledge among school chefs in creating healthy, sustainable meals within dietary budget, our solution is a two-way marketplace connecting school chefs and local food producers. In addition, a unique recipe explorer functionality aligned with national dietary guidelines. Platform KOTO empowers chefs to create nutritious and delicious meals easily.

Green Farm (Ukraine)

Green Farm, a center for receiving garden waste for further disposal and production of biohumus
Our goal is to ensure that garden waste, of which there is a considerable amount, does not end up in landfills but is instead recycled to produce universal organic fertilizer called biogumus. Residents of private properties who accumulate significant amounts of garden waste while maintaining their gardens often lack a convenient way to dispose of such waste. It is prohibited to throw it in regular trash bins, and burning it is also not allowed, resulting in a predicament regarding where to put fallen leaves or mowed grass without incurring fines. We are establishing a center for the local community in Lutsk, where garden waste can be brought in unlimited quantities. At this center, the waste will go through a composting process in the first stage and then be processed by California earthworms in the second stage. Various municipal and educational organizations also face challenges with waste disposal. As a result, the population will have a civilized way of handling garden waste, and we will obtain cost-free raw material for biogumus production.


Curly Farmer (Ukraine)

“Curly Farmer” creates a community of healthy lifestyle and nature lovers. The pepper in it acts as a tool, a kind of binding element that connects people. Cultivation and sale of fresh pepper is combined with processing and canning of pepper.


Kraft Cheese Factory "Budz Baran" (Ukraine)

70 kg of natural kraft cheese (25 types of cheese) is produced daily at the cheese factory Budz Baran from the milk of cows of 80 families of the Hutsul Region (Carpathian Mountains).


Famberry (Ukraine)

This is a unique brand, modern family business, the highest quality and authenticity of traditions. Company specializes in the production of various natural products: jams, pastilles, tea, sauces from ecologically clean raw materials – dogwood, grown using organic farming methods in accordance with all the requirements of the Organic Standard. The company uses raw materials from the largest dogwood garden in Europe, which is located in the Zaporizhzhia region. With the beginning of war in Ukraine, the garden was occupied by russians. Currently, the company is creating a system of chartering the dogwood harvest by small farms.


Cooperation of success (Ukraine)

Establishing cooperation, deepening social and cultural ties between capable farmers and increasing everyone’s income thanks to the association.

Baaro (Serbia)

Baaro produces healthy snacks from dried fruit – 100% natural, without added sugar, without sweeteners, without gluten and without preservatives, and potassium sorbate. The fruit is dried in an innovative condenser dryer that consumes five times less electricity than traditional dryers. It is a closed drying system, and the dried fruit retains all its nutrients. People with disabilities were involved in the preparation and packaging in cooperation with a company for professional rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities. Raw materials are procured from well-known local producers, who respect good agricultural practices (Global G.A.P.)

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Eat Me App (Serbia)

Description: The ”EatMeApp” is a mobile application that helps consumers and supermarkets decrease food waste by creating a smart digital marketplace for unsold food at discounted prices. EatMeApp provides instant discount notifications on perishable foods, promoting smart consumption. This feature enables consumers to save money by taking advantage of deals on items close to their expiration dates, which would otherwise be wasted. Simultaneously, the app aids supermarkets in reaching consumers within the perishable food timeframe, helping to prevent overstocking and spoilage. This facilitates a more efficient turnover of perishable goods, reducing food waste and financial losses, and benefiting both the supermarkets and the environment.

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Made for You (Serbia)

MADE FOR YOU products are 100% natural and healthy light meals made of first-class fruit with the addition of chia and flax seeds. These healthy meals in a jar have no sugar added, no preservatives, no additives, no gluten and represent a healthy food choice on the go. The refillable packaging is our contribution to ecology. Our mission is to switch consumer nutrition habits into healthy ones, among adults and children as well.

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