Dr Anastasia Kritikou

Dr. Anastasia Kritikou is a Chemist, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and co-founder of the idea ‘’Track4Value‘‘. Her research activity focuses on food authenticity studies using cutting-edge High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) techniques and advanced chemometric tools. Her research interests include the development of advanced methodologies for the thorough food authenticity characterization (discrimination of geographical/animal/botanical origin, type of farming etc.), as well as the detection of illegal practices e.g. potential adulteration, in response to industry requirements. Her PhD research was focused on the development of novel HRMS-based methodologies (MALDI-TOFMS, LC-QTOFMS, LC-TIMSTOFMS) for the characterization of food of animal origin matrices (dairy products and animal meat etc.). Her Master thesis was focused on food safety studies, mainly on the determination of veterinary drug residues in food of animal origin. She also has experience in European food safety assessment protocols, participating in national monitoring programs with the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food. During her studies, she has been awarded with state scholarships, as well as for the innovative traceability and food authenticity system “Track4Value” in entrepreneurship competitions, while her scientific work includes a submission of a European patent. Overall,  Dr. Kritikou has been recognized through fellowships, awards and invitations to international conferences as a speaker.