Yuliia Yutovets

Yuliia was born in the village of Selets, Rivne region. After completing her secondary education at the Dubrovytsia Lyceum, in 2009 she entered Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University, Institute of Social Sciences, majoring in Sociology. In 2014, she received a Specialist degree in Sociology. During her student and post-student years, she was actively involved in public activities, heading a non-governmental organization. She took part in social initiatives, studied the topic of elections and participated in electoral processes. In 2016, she started her professional career in business as a manager. Together with her colleagues, she developed a business concept, launched the company, and participated in all processes. She worked in the food industry, providing catering services. Later, they became manufacturers of products. Taking into account her experience in the food sector, she developed a business concept for organic waste disposal and vermicompost production, and has been developing this business with her team for over 4 years. Despite the war in Ukraine, she made an important and strategic decision to scale her business into a large farm, Green Farm, whose main focus is organic waste disposal.