Eylül Er

Eylül Er is a Bioengineer and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences. Additionally, Eylül Er is a CEO and co-founder at Palgae. Palgae cleans the wastewater via microalgae and produces bioplastic granules from this biomass. Following eight months of dedicated work at Palgae, she successfully conducted pilot-scale production, and demonstrated the feasibility of eco-friendly production by manufacturing felt-tip pen casings for a well-known brand. As a result of these endeavours, she was selected as one of the 13 young entrepreneurs in the Startup Wise Guys Young Entrepreneurs program with a 100% scholarship. Palgae has achieved eight different first-place awards in both national and international startup competitions. In addition to my professional pursuits, she is an active yoga enthusiast and possess a special interest in subjects such as Bioart and biomimicry.