Prof. Ales Kuhar

Dr. Aleš Kuhar is an associate professor at the University of Ljubljana, where he has made significant contributions to the fields of economics and food systems. With a background in applied biosciences, he completed his scientific master’s and PhD studies, specializing in macroeconomic modeling, econometrics, and food economics. His expertise spans various areas, including food system economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, new food product development, and food consumer behavior. Dr. Kuhar’s academic and professional journey includes leadership and collaboration in numerous interdisciplinary studies, particularly those involving in-depth analyses of policy systems that support the development of the agro-food industry. Dr. Kuhar has also played pivotal roles in various policy consultancy bodies and groups tasked with preparing national agro-food sector development programs. His active involvement has forged strong connections with national and international professional institutions in the food industry, as well as collaborations with leading food enterprises at both the national and regional levels. Furthermore, he is a dedicated advocate of entrepreneurship within the food system, boasting a proven track record of successful mentoring. This mentoring extends to student teams participating in national and international competitions, as well as entrepreneurs venturing into agro-food-related start-ups. Dr. Kuhar’s commitment to academic excellence is further exemplified by his role as Vice-Dean for Development, Quality, and Knowledge Transfer at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Additionally, he serves as the Scientific leader of the EIT Food hub in Slovenia.